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Casita Builders
Las Vegas

#1 Best Casita Builders in Las Vegas

There are times when people need a small house to be built on their property. When you need to host more people or build a guest house on your existing property, this is known as a casita. We are the top casita builder Las Vegas and we are happy to help our clients with the creation of additional space. Our contractors will build a casita that is in line with your expectations. We have a wide range of plans to offer and our builders will take you through the plans of the building. If you have a dream guest house, we will help you to actualize your dream.

When it comes to casita construction, we allow you to come up with the design, which we will implement. If you do not have an idea of what needs to be done, we can share with you some of the models and plans that we have. All the casitas that we build are fully functional and will add to the living space that you have on your property. We have been constructing backyard casitas for a long time and we will discuss with you the purpose of your casita and deliver the best structures. There is a wide range of designs, styles, and sizes that you can choose from. Ultimately, you will have a little house that meets your expectations.

If you are thinking of building a casita in Las Vegas give us a call and our contractors will be glad to give you a quote right away.

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Professional Casita Builders Las Vegas

There may be a number of general contractors in Las Vegas, however, when you want the best services for your casita, give us a call. We are the casita builders Las Vegas who will work with you from design to the actual construction of the project. Every step of the project is handled by our team of experts. We will take care of the HOA approval, engineering and city permit among others. We are a company that is committed to providing you with the best services in this region and we will not disappoint.

If you are remodeling, you should talk to us and establish the cost of building casita Las Vegas. We are a company that is concerned about your interests and we will give you value for your money. All our contractors are having the experience and we will ensure that the services are in line with your needs. The moment you hire us, we will have our team of highly trained professionals working on your project. At the end of the day, you will have the value of your home increases significantly. We take pride in being the top contractors in the construction industry and you can count on us to give you the best guest houses.

What We Do

We the top guest house contractors in Las Vegas and we will be glad to work on house additions. Our builders are experienced and have so much to offer and we always stand behind our work. With all the services that we have, you can be sure of top-notch craftsmanship and we will use the best materials. Whether you are looking to get more space for your work, loved one or entertaining guests, give us a call and we will be glad to help you out. There are quite a number of options that are available and we will certainly be glad to help you with the best services. Some of the house addition options that we have to offer include:

  • Guest Houses
  • Casitas
  • In-Law Suites
  • Granny Flat
  • Backyard Studio
  • Workshop
  • Garden Studio
  • Outbuildings


Do you want to get a house addition on your property? This is a great way to increase the comfort within your home. The casita Las Vegas is an additional space that you can have and this makes it easier to host your friends and relatives. This will save you a lot of time and there even senior citizens who choose to move into the small house and rent out the main house. This is a backyard studio and you will have more room. You can have a place to work in peace or even to relax.

These are garden cottages and it is a great way to save up on the space that you have. There are different designs that we have to offer and we will allow you to come up with a concept that works for you. If you want to add an additional room on your existing space, give us a call and we will be happy to share with you some of the ideas that we have. We are the best contractors for this.

Guest Houses

Can you imagine having a guest house, Las Vegas, on your property? This is possible and this will give you more time with friends and family who do not have to stay at a hotel. We are construction experts and we can make your home addition to suit your needs. Our contractors will put up a cottage that is ideal for you and one that is perfect for you. We are professional experts and we have great experience in the construction of guest houses.

Our team of experienced professionals has been in business for several years. As such, there is so much that you can enjoy from our experience. We are passionate about what we do and we will be glad to assist you. If you wondering how much to build a casita in Las Vegas, talk to us today and we will give you a free estimate for our services. Our contractors are knowledgeable and experienced in the construction of granny flats.

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Get a Quote

When you need to have a home addition on your property, you should contact us right away. We are the best casita builder Las Vegas and we have so much to offer. We are the right contractor for the work and we will give you the best workmanship. Call us today and get started.